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A New World of Bean Bag Furniture

You may have seen stores popping up in malls across the country that sell oversized bean bags. Maybe you even know someone who has a piece of bean bag furniture or who is looking at buying a Comfy Sack, Foof Chair or LoveSac for their own home.

It's easy to think there's no way you'd want to have a bean bag couch, at least until you sit on one. It's hard for people to believe that this bean bag and the bean bags that gained popularity in the 1960s can even share the same name because they are so different.

In fact, the only thing that bean bags from back then and the bean bag couches of today have in common is the name and their basic appearance. Everything else about the bean bag has been tossed aside and upgraded for the new generation of oversized bean bags.

Let's take a look at some of the features of bean bags of old and compare them to the new bean bag furniture. Those old bean bags tended to be kind of small, so only one or two people could sit on them at a time. They usually had ugly kind of plastic covers and were filled with loud Styrofoam pellets that made noise every time you moved.

If you sat on the bean bag too long, it would mold to your shape semi-permanently. The bags also seemed to invariably get a leak or tear that would cause those little pellets to spill out all over the floor (unless you repaired the bag with some attractive duct tape).

Every one of those features is gone in the new world of oversized bean bags. These new huge beanbags are available in a wide variety of sizes. Comfy Sacks, for instance, sell bean bag chairs ranging in size from 3.5 feet, perfect for a child or a single adult, to 8 feet, big enough for many people to lounge on at once.

You truly can use a Foof Chair, Love Sack or Comfysack as a replacement for your couch without any problem, and you'll likely find people fighting over who gets to sit on the sack, even if there's other seating available.

In place of those old covers you can now choose bean bag furniture with stylish custom cotton twill or microfiber covers in a variety of colors to match your décor. Some manufacturers sell covers that look like fake fur or velvet, denim and other fabrics, though these are often more costly than other choices.

Instead of those awful foam pellets, the new bean bags have shredded polyurethane foam, which is much more comfortable, molds to your body easily and is quiet. It also has great memory, which means that when you stand up it easily molds back to its original shape. These huge bean bags are much more durable and less likely to break, but they either come with or you can purchase liners that will help keep the foam contained so that leaking should never be a problem.

If you never thought you'd have a bean bag after you moved out of your college dorm, it might be time to take another look at the new generation of bean bag furniture.

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