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Best Bean Bag Chairs with Washable Covers

Posted by on 10/30/2023 to Articles

When your home décor needs an upgrade, choose Comfy Sacks. We offer the best bean bag chairs with machine-washable covers on the market.

The Comfy Sacks Bean Bag Cover Difference

Do you constantly say "I am sick of my current sofa and constantly having to spot clean it!"?


We have the answer to your furniture woes: a massive Comfy Sack with an expertly engineered bean bag chair cover. Trust us; it's not the standard slipcover on your grandma's loveseat (although we're sure that Nana's loveseat is lovely).

Here's why people keep coming back to our massive Sacks time and again:

When you need a comfy chair, choose Comfy Sacks. They're great for playing video games, browsing the latest trending videos on TikTok, catching up during sleepovers, and so much more. Even better, no matter how messy life gets, our bean bag chairs with washable covers will always be there for you (and be easy to clean up after a particularly rowdy Super Bowl party).

*Please note that we no longer sell limited-edition faux leather covers.

**Our shredded foam filler is not memory foam filling but boasts a similar feeling and ability to conform to the shape of whoever sits in the chair.

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