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Your New Year’s resolution: Get off the couch! (And into a bean bag chair)

Posted by Grace B. on 1/10/2017 to Articles


The couch calls your name tenderly as your mother’s voice rings in your years, urging you to work out and lose the Freshman 15 35. You wanted to be more active in 2017, but binging on spiked egg nog and triple chocolate fudge cookies as you remind your family that yes, you’re still single, the holiday season has left you tired. All you want for 2017 is to be comfortable

You sit down to binge watch Stranger Things, but as you try to lay down and get comfortable, you notice something. Your old couch doesn’t feel the same. It’s just not … comfortable. How could this be? You used to love this sofa. What could have changed? And then it hits you. While staying at Aunt Monica’s house for the holidays, you slept on her oversized bean bag lounger. Oh, that glorious bean bag. Your old sofa can’t hold a candle to the tender embrace of the foam bean bag.

Knowing your relationship with your couch isn’t working anymore, you realize you have to make a big decision to: whether to buy a couch, or break up with the sofa and move on to bigger and better things. Here’s why you need to dump the couch and get with a Comfy Sacks bean bag chair:


1.     You and the couch have a long and storied history together, but your future belongs to the bean bag.
Let’s face it. Deep down, you know your heart belongs to the oversized bean bag lounger, and your future together is bright. Not just through 2017 like your run-of-the-mill New Years’ Resolution. No, Comfy Sacks offers a five year warranty. For those of you counting at home, that’s five years longer than your last resolution.

2.     You have needs.
Your foam bean bag understands that. That’s why we let you customize your Comfy Sack. Want a blue lounger? A suede bean bag chair? No problem. We offer more color, fabric, size options than couches and sofas ever could.

3.     You need to be wrapped in a tender, suede embrace.
Forget Brad. When you need to remember what real love feels like, you remember that the cold winter night at Aunt Monica’s, enveloped in the foam of the giant bean bag lounger. And, if suede isn’t your thing, you can have as many fabric samples sent to your house as you want—so you can choose which fabric can truly make you woo. And, the moment you give into desire, you will be able to track your bean bag chair until it reaches your doorstep. And you couldn’t even get Brad to text you back.

4.     It’s *comfy*
We don’t call it them Comfy Sacks for nothing. Don’t believe me? See how we stack up against the other guys. (Spoiler alert: we’re better).

So what’re you waiting for? The heart wants what it wants, so grab your holiday gift money and order yourself a Comfy Sack today! Love like this only comes once in a lifetime. Unless you buy two.

Fall in love with your Comfy Sack today!

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