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We Can Do What Traditional Furniture Can’t

Posted by Administrator on 2/5/2015 to Articles

When we talk about our luxury giant beanbag chairs, you might have said to yourself, “Why on Earth would I want a bean bag chair when I can just have a regular old armchair, maybe even a recliner? And who needs a sack lounger when you have an actual couch, right?” Those are very valid questions: why would someone choose a bean bag chair over traditional furniture? Today, we’re here to answer those questions.

Maybe one of your concerns is that bean bags have no support, meaning no arms or backs. There’s a bit of truth in that; our sack chairs are just that: great big sacks full of super-smooth furniture foam. There isn’t a lot of rigidity. But then again…that’s the point. Our sacks aren’t designed to keep you stiff and upright, but to help you relax. You can absolutely spread out in a Comfy Sack without being encumbered by arms or backs, so you can sit or lay in pretty much any position you please. You can even sleep in a sack chair far easier than you can on a couch or chair.

And how many furniture companies let you customize your size, style, and color? Comfy Sacks gives you those options. You can customize your very own chair on our website with dozens of possibilities. You can have a 6-foot wide slate-gray corduroy sack chair for your office, a small bright-blue sack for your kids, a 7.5-foot-wide tan suede lounger for your living room, or some other combination you like. Color and fabrics vary by size, but there are still tons of options to match your desires. Heck, you can even order free fabric samples.

Say goodbye to hard, uncomfortable seat cushions, too. Comfy Sacks are filled with the quality furniture foam that’s ridiculously soft and comfortable. And the sack chairs are all 3 feet thick, no matter how wide. Is your couch’s cushioning 3 feet thick? If not, don’t trust it to catch your fall. Fall on a Comfy Sack; we’re got your back.

Plus, can you wash your couch or chair? You know, without sitting it in the sun to dry and then get dirty again? Comfy Sack foam bag chairs are all machine washable. Just unzip the cover, wash it, dry it, and put it back on. Click here for full instructions. Comfy Sacks are far easier to clean than your other furniture sets, and that helps them last a whole lot longer (one of the reasons we have a 3-year warranty on each product). 

Sure, couches, chairs, and the like all have their place, but a Comfy Sack bean bag chair can do what these things cannot. It can give you a new level of comfort that you’ve never felt before: spread out across a wide area, rolling around in your favorite fabric, and resting your head against our soft, but sturdy foam. For pure relaxation, Comfy Sack is the way to go.

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