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Turn off the TV! 5 things your kids need in their playroom for old-fashioned fun

Posted by Ana on 7/4/2017 to Articles

The average American child aged 2 to 5 watches about 32 hours of TV a week. That’s more than four hours a day! And that only drops to 28 hours per week for kids aged 6 to 8. Your kids’ TV time takes away from schoolwork, physical activity and contributes is linked to health problems later in life. Plus, if your kids watch too much TV without your guidance, they can begin to look at risky behaviors (think: drinking, smoking and performing violent acts) as ”cool.” So what are you doing to cut back on your kids’ screen-time?

For starters, you should take the TV out of their playroom or bedroom. But you also need to take measures to encourage healthy, old-fashioned learning and fun. You should create a playroom or bedroom environment that is inviting, exciting and engaging. That way, you kids feel motivated to play with their siblings and friends rather than veg out in front of cartoons. 

Here are 5 must-have kids playroom furniture items that will help your kids get back to the basics:

1.     First and foremost, give them a comfy place to sit 

      Sure, you could go with your standard kids table and chairs set. But where’s the fun in that? 

      Make it fun for your kids to get away from the screen—provide them with bean bags, loungers and comfy ottomans in fun colors. And, because bean bag covers are machine washable and come with free shipping, they’re perfectly affordable and kid-proof. Any brand will do, but I’d check out the bean bag manufacturer that Apple, Amazon and Zappos use to bring out the inner child in their employees! Here’s a link to their cozy offerings for kids.

2.     Playmats, dollhouses and playsets, oh my! 

     These days, there are so many options when it comes to playsets. If your child is into cooking, this vintage kitchen set would be perfect! But maybe they’d rather play house or even play castle! The options are endless. But choose a playmat, dollhouse or playset that fits your kids’ interests, and you’ll find them playing with their friends, learning crucial social skills and, most importantly, not spending their time watching Dora on repeat. 

3.     An art corner

     Let their creative side shine! Just set up an easel or table with some paper, markers and crayons and presto!—you have an ”art corner.” If you’re feeling especially brave, provide them with a little paint—just make sure it’s easy to wash out of the carpet. Art is proven to develop key motor, decision-making and language skill. It can even amp your child’s academic performance. Much better than wasting hours watching TV!

4.     Books, books and more books

      Reading is a critical part of child development—and hours in front of the TV can hinder your kids’ reading skills. That’s why bookcases—and, of course, books—are essential children's bedroom furniture items. Before your kid learns, you should read to them. Once they learn, they should read with your guidance. This can help them build a stronger bond with you, and master key critical thinking skills earlier.

5.     (Lots and lots of) Storage 

     This item is mostly for your own sanity. If you provide your kids with lots of storage—I’m talking cubbies, bins, toy boxes and drawer sets—then they will have no excuse not to keep their playroom clean. After they’re done with playtime, kindly remind your littles to put everything back where they found it. 

Cutting back on your kids’ TV time can have a great impact on their social skills, learning ability and, of course, their bond with you. It’s important to make their playroom or bedroom an inviting space and provide enjoyable games, playsets and seating for them to use.

If you’d like to get started, feel free to browse through our machine-washable kids bean bag chairs today!


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