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Spring Cleaning Your Comfy Sack

Posted by Administrator on 2/26/2012 to Articles

It’s not quite Spring yet, but evidence of the coming season is budding nationwide. Comfy Sacks loves this time of year because it represents a time of renewal. Much like the hopeful dawn that succeeds a dark night, Spring is the sigh of relief we’ve been waiting for. As you may know, this annual change of seasons inspires millions of people to thoroughly scrub, vacuum, polish, purge, and dust. This activity is known, of course, as Spring Cleaning. Some people adore it, others resent it, but the universal truth is that this traditional deep cleansing can completely transform your home and your mood.

Fortunately, owners of Comfy Sacks won’t have to worry about their bean bag chairs slowing them down (unless, of course, they are tempted to take a break from cleaning). Unlike regular sofas or recliners, Comfy Sacks have removable, machine washable covers. Come on, we know that you used your Comfy Sack as a napkin when no one was looking. We also know how hard it is to convince yourself to leave your seat once you’ve settled down, popcorn bowl nestled in your lap. It’s a shame to leave those butter-saturated fingerprints on the cover, so here is the detailed list of cleaning instructions:

  1. Remove the outside cover from your Comfy Sack. The inner liner will still keep all of the polyurethane foam secure; in fact, it’s durable enough to be used even without the cover!
  2. Zip the cover back up – this prevents it from getting caught on any of the parts in your washing machine.
  3. Wash on a cold setting to prevent any shrinkage.
  4. Transfer the cover to the dryer (use a tumble-dry on low setting) or set out to air dry.

Simple enough, right? As mentioned, all Comfy Sacks can still be used while the cover is getting a scrub down. The best part, though, is that you’ll be able to enjoy a fresh, clean Comfy Sack just in time for Spring!

*Please check the labels on our specialty faux fur covers, as some of those are not machine washable.

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