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Never Tested On Animals, Often Tested By Animals

Posted by Administrator on 10/17/2011 to Articles

We’re animal people. The furry friends that inhabit our homes become more than just companions- they’re family! So when we developed the design for each Comfy Sack, we made sure to keep our loyal pets in mind. We receive photos all the time that show happy dogs and cats relaxing, snoozing, or playing on Comfy Sacks. Apparently they appreciate comfort just as much as humans do.

Snuggling with your pooch or cat has never been sweeter as it is on a spacious, yet cozy, Comfy Sack. Because they come in a variety of sizes, you have the option of choosing a Comfy Sack that is large enough to share. Big dogs, small dogs, it doesn’t matter. Our monstrous 8-ft sack is large enough to fit humans and dogs in harmony.  Somehow watching a movie or digesting the news from your iPad has never been this relaxing. Dogs and cats have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, so we firmly believe that their presence should be as constant as possible. The closer, the better. That’s why we’ve striven to make sure an ear scratch or belly rub is merely inches away.

For those wondering about shedding issues, we can’t deny that the excess hair can be a problem. But we do strongly believe that a little fur is a tiny price to pay for the unconditional love and support that our pets show us every single day. Comfy Sacks, fortunately, can be stripped of their fabric covers and washed- something you can’t do with a couch. It’s also easy to run a lint brush over the surface.


There’s also the idea of purchasing a smaller, economy-sized Comfy Sack that 100% for your pet. We refer to these as “deluxe doggy beds,” although they are really just kids’ lounger or 5-foot sack, depending on the size of the pet. Senior dogs love having a place of rest where they can relax their joints.

Pet lovers around the globe can rejoice in knowing that their best friends are content and comfortable in a Comfy Sack. As mentioned in the title, we don’t test our products on them- but they sure do love to test out Comfy Sacks!

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