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Never Tested On Animals, Often Tested By Animals

Posted by Administrator on 12/29/2023 to Articles

We offer the bean bag chairs your furry friends will love.

We're animal people (or people who love animals. Not people that are animals. Mostly.). The furry friends that inhabit our homes are more than just companions—they're family! So, when our bean bag scientists designed each Comfy Sack, we made sure to keep our loyal pets in mind. And we think our four-legged friends appreciate the gesture; pets love our Sacks!

But please—don't just take our word for it. We receive photos all the time that show happy dogs and cats relaxing, snoozing, or playing on Comfy Sacks. Apparently they appreciate comfort just as much as humans do. That's why, when it comes to selecting the finest bean bags for pets, you can't go wrong with one of our Sacks.

The Comfy Sacks That Make the Best Pet Beds

Snuggling with your pooch or cat has never been as sweet as it is on a spacious yet still-oh-so-cozy Comfy Sack. Because they come in a variety of sizes, you have the option of choosing a Comfy Sack that is large enough to share. Giant dogs, small dogs, medium dogs, kitty cats—it doesn't matter. The whole gang can hang here.

Best Bean Bag for Big Dogs

Dogs and cats have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, so we firmly believe that their presence should be as constant as possible; the closer, the better. That's why we make sure an ear scratch or belly rub is merely inches away with a Sack that can fit you, Fluffy, and Fido on a bean bag! Our monstrous 8-Foot Sack is large enough to fit humans and dogs and cats in harmony. Somehow, watching a movie with a paw (or two) in your face has never been this relaxing.

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Best Bean Bag for Medium Dogs

Medium-sized pooches love to cuddle up on our 5-Foot Sack. It's 59 pounds of pure bean bag goodness that contains a durable inner liner with a lock. Even the most curious of pups will be hard-pressed to chew through to the inner filler.

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Best Bean Bag for Small Dogs and Cats

A smaller, economy-sized Comfy Sack could be 100% what you need for your pet. We refer to these as "deluxe bean bag dog beds," although they are really just our Kids Loungers (I mean, our pets are basically our kids, right?). They also work well as high-quality cat beds for the feline-inclined.

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Why Choose Comfy Sacks for Your Furry Friend?

We think you should choose us over the competition, and we aren't just saying that because we want our Christmas bonuses (although we do really want them). Furry friends and humanoids alike love our Sacks for the following reasons.

Removable Covers Make Cleanup Easy

Shed the fear of shedding. Comfy Sacks can be stripped of their machine-washable covers and washed, something you can't do with a couch. It's also easy to run a lint brush over the surface.

Enhanced Comfort for Seniors

Senior pets love having a place of rest where they can relax their older joints. Instead of paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars for an orthopedic pet bed, why not give your pet the ultimate comfort in the form of a pet bean bag bed that is a fraction of the cost? Our bean bags are filled with memory foam-like filler, not polystyrene beads. That means that they can conform to the shape of your pet without sagging over time.

Colors Aplenty

Fido may not be able to see color, but you can. Our removable washable covers come in a wide variety of colors, including gray, brown, purple, blue, and more!

Textures for the Pickiest Pets

Is your pet a prince(ss)? Spoil them with only the finest fabrics for their cat or dog bed bean bag. We offer micro suede, pebbled, corduroy, premium, and plush faux fur covers that even the pickiest pet will love to snuggle up on.

Fur Baby Approved

Pet lovers around the globe can rejoice in knowing that their best friends are content and comfortable in the best bean bags for pets: Comfy Sacks. We don't test our products on pets, but they sure do love to test out Comfy Sacks! Those are approval ratings you can trust.

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