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Intel Encourages Innovation With Bean Bag Furniture

Posted by Administrator on 4/25/2011 to Articles

Computer giant Intel recently redesigned their offices near Portland, Oregon in an attempt to improve employees’ experience. The redesign included features that they hope will increase innovation, collaboration, creativity and productivity, as reported by the New York Times. The redesign was focused on a modern, fun design and included brightly colored walls, lower cubicle walls, flat screen televisions, sleek kitchens and lounging areas with beanbag chairs.

According to the New York Times article by Kristina Shevory, the company wanted to redesign their offices to encourage employees to get out of their offices and work in groups. Intel’s director of corporate services Neil Tunmore told the New York Times, “We realized that we were inefficient and not as collaborative as we would have liked.”

Beanbag furniture can help with the mission of increasing efficiency and collaboration by creating flexible areas for employees to gather and talk. Not only will bean bag chairs encourage efficiency by letting employees relax, but they are are portable so that collaboration areas can be shifted around and stored when not in use. Another corporate services directory, Peter Miscovich, told the New York Times that “The office status symbol seems not to be as important. People are living for more flexibility in their lives.” Beanbag furniture in offices certainly offers this flexibility.

Flexibility in office design is key in modern times when many companies are downsizing office space in order to lower their bottom line. Intel is just one of many large corporations who are redesigning their office spaces to include more flexible and open floor plans. Bean bag furniture is a great way to add a modern, flexible style to an office.

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