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How to Get the Most From Your Memory Foam Chairs

Posted by Administrator on 10/23/2014 to Articles

How long do you like your furniture to last? A few months? A year? Perhaps you will agree that the best furniture always last several years. The longer, the better. After all, good furniture can cost a pretty penny, and you don’t want to go out and spend that money all over again when they break. Comfy Sack foam bag chairs need good care as well, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to maintain and get the most out of your foam bag chairs.

1. Get a color and style you know you’ll love for a long time. If your Comfy Sack outlasts the wear and tear of time, it must also outlast the fickle fashions of the day. If you think you’ll like that fuzzy pink bean bag chair for years to come, then have at, we’ve go t plenty! But if you aren’t sure, it’s best to pick colors that can match a myriad of decorative styles. Blacks, browns, reds, and whites are the most versa tile colors, which is why so many of our bean bag chairs sport shades of these colors, like Toast, Charcoal, New York Red, and ivory. As for material styles, suede and Comfy Cords (a corduroy pattern) are probably the best. They’re both simple and subdued, and each can cater to a certain type of living room furniture. If you have a more luxurious taste, our Polar Fox chairs are sublime, and faux leather bean bag chairs have all the regality without the high price tag.
2. Pick the Perfect Place. If you’ve spent money on a bean bag chair, you’ll want to get the most out of it,so where in your home would a large foam bag  chair get the most use? Living rooms are obvious options,and watching TV has never been more comfortable, but maybe not the best for everybody. If it’s for the kids, it might be better suited in their room.
Kids Rounds are small and can go anywhere, but a Play Room is great for a larger bean bag chair for so the kids can get a little rougher.Where’s the best spot for a bean bag chair in your home? Near the TV? Next to the window where there’s plenty of light? We recommend corners, because this e can be hard to fill sometimes, and a sack chair usually has equal dimensions. That means the length and width are the exact same. Thus, they fill corners better than couches. The best place for a  sack chair in any home is one where you can enjoy your entertainment, take a nap, and talk with other s without moving it. We also recommend having it near a table or window sill so you can bring your favorite drink.
3. Wash it. All Comfy Sack foam bag chairs are machine washable. Just take off cover, re-zip it, and throw it in the washing machine in cold water. If y our Comfy Sack is large, you may have to wash it alone. If it’s small, you can wash it with other darks (or whites if you have a white bean bag chair).Air dry or tumble dry in the machine, zip her back onto the liner, and you’re good to go. Even the cleanest of us can soil a bean bag chair, even more so with kids or pets. But with a washable Comfy Sack, you can clean it up without having to dish out the dough for a replacement.
Enjoy your Comfy Sack foam bag chair for a long, long time.

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