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How Bean Bag Chairs Are Used to Help Autistic Kids

Posted by Administrator on 6/17/2010 to Articles
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) includes three known variants with autism itself forming its core; asperger syndrome and atypical autism (otherwise known as Pervasive Development Disorder Not Otherwise Specified) make up the other two-thirds of the disorder’s makeup. Regardless of which one a sufferer is inflicted with, all share many common traits. However, often overlooked, is their need to feel safe. Autistic children possess a strong desire to be alone, to do tasks by themselves. Keeping company with no one offers them a position of safety. A disorder present in 1 of every 150 children demands heavy research in regards to easing the child’s discomfort. When searching for a low cost option to help the autistic sufferer’s desire to feel safe, one should consider the option of bean bag chairs. Bean bag chairs offer an environment of security, with or without the presence of others. This sense of safety is of great importance for autistic children who are known for fits of rage as it calms them, lessening the chance of any violent occurrences to either themselves or others. There have been many studies done to determine the effect of various colors on peoples’ behavior. Colors such as light blue and lighter tans are known to provide a more relaxing elementary level classroom. In adhering to knowledge gained through these studies, the usage of blue suede would surely suffice. There is synthetic suede that is produced from microfiber, a material known to be soft to the touch, durable, less expensive, and easier to sew than actual suede. Decisions other than which color and material to use are also prevalent in the bean bag chair’s purchaser. Sizes vary from three feet to as high as eight feet in height. The size of the bean bag chair is obviously relevant to size of the child. Bean bag chairs provide more than just a piece of furniture for an autistic child; they can also be used as an exercise tool. By picking up the bean bag chair and moving it about. Autistic children have been often seen as methodically moving toys, such as trains in a particular order. The bean bag chair allows them to carry more weight safely which is extremely important in maintaining the child’s motor skills. This exercise clearly illustrates the need to select the proper size and weight for you child. One should take caution as to choose a bean bag chair that is not too heavy or cumbersome.

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