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High School Librarian Revitalizes Reading Area with Bean Bags

Posted by Administrator on 10/11/2010 to Articles

To encourage reading through comfort, school librarian Cindy Gobrogge of Revere High School is using bean bag chairs in her library redesign. Gobrogge stated that she wants “students to feel like the library is an inviting environment” where students can study and relax.

Gobrogge told the high school newspaper, the Revere High School Lantern, that she is focusing on helping students get more out of their library experience. She wants to make the library a comfortable and stylish place to read so that students will spend more time there. Bean bag chairs are the cornerstone of her redesign plans.

According to recent education studies, Ms. Gobrogge is on the right track. Bean bag chairs have been proven to improve student comfort, efficiency and focus in the classroom. They allow students to read in any position, which lets them focus on their reading and retain information. The freedom of movement that bean bag chairs allow also helps students work efficiently.

This forward thinking high school librarian is not alone. Many teachers are including bean bag chairs in their classrooms and seeing results. Recently, an elementary school teacher, Cassie McCart, added bean bag chairs to her classroom in order to “enhance the learning environment.”

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