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Have a Ladies Night In With Comfy Sacks

Posted by Administrator on 5/6/2015 to Articles

With the rainy season coming and the temperature unable to make up its mind, getting out can be a little tricky in the winter and spring months. So, when it’s time to get all the girls together, young, old, or somewhere in between, Comfy Sacks is here to help make your gal’s night even more comfortable.

For some women, a ladies night is as simple as just getting together to gab about this and that, catching up on life, reuniting with old friends, or even sharing deep concerns with intimate confidants. It can be a lot of fun to talk it out, especially when things aren’t as good as they could be, and the best groups can laugh about anything and everything.

What does a Comfy Sack have to do with any of that? Well, are you all going to stand the whole time you hang out? You’ll probably want to sit at some point or another! And why not have the most comfortable seat in the room for a nice, long sit? Comfy Sacks are called bean bag chairs, but they’re actually filled with shredded foam that makes them…well, comfy sacks! Sink into one and you’ll never want to get up again. Make all the other ladies jealous with the luxuriously smooth Midnight Fox furry sack chair.

Now, for other women, a ladies night means a violent melee on Super Smash Brothers Brawl, or an all-night Mario Kart tournament. Hey, you have to remind them who’s the champion, don’t you? But whether you’re hammering it out on a brand new Xbox One or going retro on the Super Nintendo, the Comfy Sack is the best gaming chair in the world. The giant foam pillow is a great option for gamers. On its flat side, this long and wide sack fits plenty of grown-ups at once, but it’s a little easier on the wallet since many gamers aren’t exactly rich. Plus, they’re easier for you to stand on when you’re doing your victory dance.

Maybe a ladies night to you involves the TV itself. Got a movie to watch that the guys don’t like? Eager to have a Doctor Who marathon? Park it in a Comfy Sack foam lounger. What differentiates them from normal sacks is that loungers are longer, so they’re more like couches or loveseats. Line up and enjoy the show, whether you’re more of a Downton Abby lady or a Walking Dead kind of girl (or both!). 

Movie nights, book clubs, even food nights (they’re machine washable!), whatever your ladies night means to you, the Comfy Sack giant bean bag chair is the greatest comfort, and will add to many nights of love and laughter.

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