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Comfy Sacks vs. Jaxx: Which is the Best Family Bean Bag Chair?

Posted by Administrator on 1/31/2012 to Articles

In the past several years, the standard of bean bag chairs has been completely revolutionized. No longer are people settling for the saggy, bead-filled chairs that we once knew. Instead, foam furniture like Comfy Sacks has transformed into the ultimate spot for relaxation.

Comfy Sacks is a brand that continues to raise the bar when it comes to quality. For this reason, we have thousands of satisfied customers, including those who have been happily using their Comfy Sacks for years. Other brands, specifically Jaxx, try to market seemingly comparable products. The difference between Comfy Sacks and Jaxx sacks, however, is that our bean bag chairs are made to last. We don’t take any shortcuts and we certainly don’t sell products that won’t do what we claim them to do. Each Comfy Sack we sell comes with a three-year “no hassle” warranty. This is our way of proving our faith in these products. Jaxx protects its sacks for just one year – and even then, only the workmanship is covered. Comfy Sacks, meanwhile, are sold with the promise of providing you, your friends, your family, and even your pets with comfort for years to come. Our products have been put through various tests time and again; just a couple of months ago, we actually ran over one with a 57-ton battle tank! In fact, we recorded the whole thing (and you can watch it here).

Why are we so confident in our products? Simply put, it’s because the materials we use are durable. Jaxx, on the other hand, uses cheap, thin liners that are prone to tearing. By the time you realize that your Jaxx sack is leaking foam pieces, the warranty will have expired. Customers who purchase luxury bean bag furniture are investing in comfort; their purchases should be expected to last far longer than just a year.

Another way we make our customers satisfied is by delivering pre-assembled Comfy Sacks. To save space, the foam is condensed and already situated inside the liner. Jaxx makes its customers assemble the sacks themselves. The foam comes packaged in plastic that customers have to slice open and dump into the liners. It’s a messy process, and we think our customers shouldn’t have to deal with it.

If you’re still deciding between Comfy Sacks and Jaxx, we encourage you to read the testimonials from our customers around the nation. Whether individuals, families, or corporations, Comfy Sacks takes pride in providing our customers with quality products at a price that simply can’t be matched

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