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Bean Bag Chairs – Can They Be Environmentally Safe, Or is it Just Hype?

Posted by Administrator on 6/1/2010 to Articles
Bean bag chairs, since their inception in the late 1960’s, have seen many modifications. Their covers have evolved from the original nylon to materials such as denim, suede, leather, and even at times, fur. Filler for bean bag chairs has also grown to include many options outside of just the tiny beans that were so common into the 1980’s. With the green movement gaining traction in the world of furniture, it is important for bean bag chairs to be more eco-friendly. Growing in popularity are bean bag chair covers that are constructed from 100% organic cotton. This environmentally sound solution allows for a long lasting, breathable, and easily washable cover for bean bag chairs. These new cotton covers, like some of their predecessors provide access to the inside of the sack via a discreet zipper, allowing for a simple method to replace the filler when it starts to become patted down due too years of use. The key to having an environmentally friendly bean bag chair is having recyclable filler. Today’s bags are increasingly becoming greener by using a material such as recyclable foam. With these new and comfortable sacks, nothing is discarded; instead filler as well as covers can be recycled. Foam can be reconstructed and reused. Various bean bag chair vendors on the internet will take your old foam, recycle it, and sell back to the customer new foam in return. Earth friendly foam and cotton, that make up the bean bag chairs of today can be easily replaced, greatly increasing the life of bean bag furniture. Furthermore, eco-friendly foam provides a simple, no-mess solution in terms of refilling your bean bag chair.Green Eco Friendly Bean Bag Chairs Comfy Sacks use superior foam and better quality fabrics than any other foam bag chair company on the market. Our foam is softer and more comfortable than other companies because we use furniture grade eco friendly foam. Other companies use scrap foam and often take whatever they can get when it comes to foam in order to cut costs. We have been doing business in the foam industry for many years which allows us to leverage this power and as a result get the best foam available for a good price. We do this all while keeping our prices very competitive.

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