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Bean Bag Chairs- The Next Generation of Hip Furniture

Posted by Administrator on 9/27/2010 to Articles
When you think of bean bag chairs, the image that probably comes to mind is a half deflated lump of colorful vinyl that you had as a kid. Today’s bean bag furniture is an entirely different, and totally cool, alternative furniture option. Bean bag chairs come in all shapes and sizes and are made of many different types of comfortable materials, making it entirely possible to replace expensive traditional furniture in your home. Modern bean bag chairs are not filled with beans or those annoying Styrofoam pellets that always seemed to leak out of the old fashioned chairs. The foam used in today’s bean bag furniture is the same high quality foam that is found in pricey sofas and armchairs. It gives the chairs a soft and flexible feel, while holding the shape and look that it is intended to have. Bean bag chairs are available in sizes ranging from single seats to full sofas or beds. Many people replace standard couches and loveseats with hip five to seven and a half foot bean bag furniture. The wide variety of colors and outer shell materials makes it possible to match your bean bag chairs to any modern décor. One of the best aspects of buying bean bag chairs and loungers is the fact that they tend to be far more durable than traditional furniture. When you compare a high quality bean bag chair to an armchair of the same price, you will find that the bean bag chair is not only more comfortable, but also lasts two to three times as long. Making the switch from old style furniture to bean bag furniture will not go unnoticed. You will quickly find your home is the place your friends want to gather. Bean bag chairs not only look modern and hip, but they are also more comfortable than any other type of furniture you can choose for your home.

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