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Bean Bag Chairs: How Do Corporate Companies Use Them?

Posted by Administrator on 5/29/2010 to Articles

Girl jumping on giant comfy sack

It can be important in a home or work setting to have seating for a creative workplace, and that includes non traditional chairs. Many well-known companies, like Apple, have bought Comfy Sack foam chairs for their think tanks. Creativity begets creativity. Comfy Sacks gives you a new place to do your best thinking. The more comfortable you are, the easier it is to think. Of course, great thinkers also know that novelty is no substitute for actual quality. Our shredded foam is incredibly soft, but also very tough, not liable to go flat in a couple months. And our covers are made to be safe for pets and kids. We back up our bean bag chairs with a five-year warranty because we really believe they’ll last at least that long. The color/fabric options are as creative as you are.  

Are you the next world-renowned genius? You could be if you have a thinking chair to bend your perspective, so you see new possibilities in old places. For creative types like you, we’ve made the Comfy Sack foam bag chair, a smooth and comfortable spot where you can sit and plan as long as it takes to spice up your next great idea. 

Comfy Sacks is having another sale: all giant bean bag chairs are 20% off right now, PLUS free shipping! Don’t waste time with other, far more expensive sack chairs; choose the option with savings. 

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