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Bean Bag Chairs As College Dorm Furniture

Posted by Administrator on 8/11/2010 to Articles
No piece of furniture says comfort like a bean bag chair, and no college dorm would be complete without one. These types of chairs are ideal for places like a college dorm where comfort and style are of the utmost importance. Bean bag chairs also come in a variety of colors and styles, and are able to fit in with all of your other furniture and décor. Of course, when in college you must also consider the cost of everything you have, and these chairs fit into most any college students budget. Bean bag chairs are perfect for sitting, or lying comfortably while you hang out with your friends after a long day in the classroom. Then you have your creative roommate who for some unknown reason enjoys stacking both of the sacks on top of the other just so he or she can look down at the room from their new found perch. Hopefully they will clean out the cobwebs while they’re up there. Luckily for our creative roommate, and even the more rambunctious ones, these chairs are extremely durable. They really no longer have beans in them, but a urethane foam that is super soft. Incidentally, much of the higher end furniture contains this same kind of foam. This foam ensures the chair will not only last a long time, but will also retain its shape no matter how long we decide to sit or lay on it. At some time during the day, or night, the discerning student will have a difficult decision to make. The decision as to whether to retire to their bed, or to remain in their comfy cozy bean bag chair. Now that’s a hard choice to have to make. Luckily our students are smart and will make the right choice

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