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The Comfy Sacks Difference

We offer more than other bean bag furniture companies. In addition to superior quality, we offer lower prices than other manufacturers. Compare our quality, pricing, shipping, and materials with other companies like LoveSac or Ultimate Sack, and you'll see that we provide the highest-quality bean bag chairs on the market for the best price and convenience.

Made in the USA

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Huge Color and Cover Selection

Customize your Sack with any of our unique textured materials, like faux fur, microsuede, and corduroy, all available in a wide range of colors. Choose your favorite by ordering FREE samples.

Superior Shredded Foam Filling

Our foam-filled bean bag chairs are long lasting, soft, and resist permanent compression. Your Sack retains its unique squishy shape and texture for years to come. Cleaning up is easy too thanks to our water-resistant removable covers.

Options for the Whole Family

Comfy bean bag chairs are what we are all about. Our Sacks come in all sizes, from kids bean bag chairs to dog bed-sized Sacks to loungers big enough to replace your living room sofa.

5 Year Unconditional Warranty

We offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Top Sellers

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Find out why Apple, Amazon, Zazzle, and Zappos chose our Sacks for their headquarters.

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Who's Using Comfy Sacks


A Sack for Everyone

Gamers. Parents. Kids. Pets. Students. Couch potatoes. Office workers. Everyone can find a Sack that works for them. Esports fans can ditch their stuffy gaming chairs with one of our Pillow Sacks. College students will love studying in our 5-foot Sack. Cinema lovers can spend movie night curled up in one of our 8-foot oversized bean bag chairs. Trust us. If there is a Sack you want, no matter who you are, we have it.

A Different Bean Bag Chair

You might think our Sacks are like those other large bean bag chairs, like those from Big Joe or Pouf. But you would be wrong. And that is totally okay. Everyone is wrong sometimes.

Our super comfortable foam filling, sturdy construction, and soft cover materials make us stand out from the rest. Of course, the best part about our bean bags is that they come in all sizes, from bean bag chairs for one person to bean bags big enough for the whole family.

If you've never tried one of our Sacks, you've been missing out. Don't believe us? We have plenty of 5-star ratings on Amazon and a long list of stellar testimonials from past customers to back us up.

A Modern Bean Bag Chair

Unlike the bean bag chairs of yesterday, our Sacks aren't filled with squeaky polystyrene beads. Instead, our bean bags are filled with shredded space-age polyurethane foam (sick, we know), which acts and feels similarly to high-quality memory foam. This unique shredded foam is long lasting and soft. It can conform to the shape of your body while still resisting permanent compressions seen with lesser foam. So whether you get a large 7.5-foot loungers or one of our Pillow Sacks, your bean bag furniture will retain its unique squishy shape and texture for years to come. It truly is the perfect place to rest after a long day.

The Fluff You've Been Waiting For

Your days of longing for the ultimate seat are over. We have what you've been waiting for.

There are so many styles and sizes of bean bag chairs to choose from, so it can be hard to pick just the right bean bag chair. We make large bean bag loungers to kick back and watch movies on, comfortable and portable size bean bag chairs for gaming, huge bean bags that can be used as an impromptu bed, and even bean bag pillows and ottomans for a little extra comfort.