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Poof Chairs vrs Comfy Sacks... Which is Right for You?

Poof Chairs vrs Comfy Sacks... Which is Right for You?

Some people have heard of a Foof chair (also known as a Poof chair) and ask us what the difference is between us and them. People see that they look similiar but looks are the only thing we have in common with the Poof Chair. The Comfy Sack is a high quality foam chair made right here in the United States. Our sacks are crafted of quality durable materials including micro suede and micro fiber fabric with a color of your choice. We use the softest foam available and EVERY Comfy Sack comes with a inner liner. We don't not sell these as 'add ons' because they are a necessity. We will put our Comfy Sack against any foam bag chair on the market including the Poof Chair / Foof Chair or the Love Sak. To check out our Gallery that has pictures of all the products we sell Click Here.

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Comfy Sack's are designed for extreme comfort & durability. We utilize a virgin blend of chopped polyurethane; similar to what you would find in high end furniture. You will never find any hard chunks of foam in a Comfy Sack EVER! That is something Foof Chair can NOT say. They get whatever the foam companies give them, good foam, bad foam whatever it is, they take it.

If you’re still unsure of whether a Poof chair or Comfy Sack is right for you; we've provided the comparison chart below.

FeaturesComfy SackPoof Chair
Model 6 ft Lounger 6 ft XL Foof Chair
Filling Shredded Comfy Foam Shredded urethane foam
Warranty 3 Year NO HASSLE Warranty on BOTH Cover AND Liner 1 Year
Made 100% USA China
Micro Suede Colors Black, Chocolate, Navy Cinnabar, Charcoal, Olive, Sage and Camel Moss, Mushroom,Espresso, Earspan
Standard Fabrics/Colors offered 35 9
Dimensions 72" x 36" x 36" 72" x 72" x 48"
Free Fabric Samples? YES! Request samples No
Price (6 ft. Micro Suede Lounger, cover & shipping) $319.64 $619.00
Shipping $1 $30 - $50

As you can see, we are so proud of the quality used to create our foam chairs; we have provided a 3 year warranty on BOTH the cover and liner. We also want to ensure you get the longest life of your Comfy Sack, we provide a liner for each and every one of our sacks, at no extra cost. Foof chairs will charge you extra for the liner. In addition, ALL our products are made right here in the USA which is something other foam bag chair companies are not able to claim. Providing you the best level of service, only the best materials and quality you expect is a quality that can only be found in Comfy Sacks! To check out our Gallery that has pictures of all the products we sell Click Here.

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Here's Just one of our Testimonials....

Cheri and Kevin O'Day - Indianapolis, IN
- Educators and parents of Casey O'Day

"Our son Casey loves his new Comfy Sack.  It is a great piece of furniture that relaxes our Autistic son.  In fact the very first night we had it, he slept on it!  Now he sleeps on the Comfy Sack every night. Now that's comfort."

Visit our Testimonials page to view more testimonials about how our customers' love their Comfy Sack!

* Both prices include shipping to Indianapolis Indiana, standard warranties, and liners as of November 17, 2009. Foof Chair measurements, warranty and prices were taken from

* Our 3 Year warranty started on 11/17/2009. Prior to this date the warranty was 1 year.

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