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6 ft Monster Sak Compared to 6 ft Comfy Sack

Comfy Sacks rises above its competition for a myriad of reasons. If we weren’t the best, we probably wouldn’t have our products featured in the headquarters of Apple . One of our rivals, Monster Sak, claims to have the best products on the market. We think they couldn’t be more wrong. Monster Sak has a 6-foot chair called the MackSack. At first glance, you might consider it comparable to our 6-foot Comfy Sack. When you lay out all of the facts, however, you’ll see that we are actually much different. Before we reveal the specifics, we want to point out that Monster Sak offers a weak 1-year warranty on its MackSack. Comfy Sacks, on the other hand, is so confident in the durability of its products that each 6-foot Comfy Sack comes with a 5-year no-hassle warranty. If something is wrong, we fix it. No questions asked.

Compared to: Monster Sak

FeaturesComfySacksMonster Sak
Model 6 ft SackMonsterSak MackSak - 6 ft Sack
Tank Proof? Tank-icon Yes! Watch the video???
Filling Shredded Comfy Foam Shredded Foam
Warranty 5 Year Warranty on both Cover and Liner. No product registration required. 12 Months
Micro Suede Colors Chocolate, Cocoa, Black, Cinnabar, Charcoal, Navy, Camel, Olive, Sage, Hunter, Purple, Pink and Royal Blue Pebble, Navy, Black, Red, Olive, Chocolate, Hot Pink, Brown and Tan
Standard Fabrics/Colors offered 42 12
Made Usa-icon USA
Dimensions 72" x 72" x 34" 72" x 54" x 32"
Free Fabric Samples? YES! Request samplesNope
Price (6 ft Sack) $285 $269 + $50 Shipping
Shipping Free $50
Current Clients Apple, Amazon, Zappos, and Groupon???

Monster Sak’s MackSack is stuffed with what they claim to be a special blend of “premium fill” foam. In reality, the brand just combines high-quality foam with filler (cotton). If you were to remove the cheap cotton portion from this “premium fill,” you would be able to feel what our products are packed with. Our 6-foot Comfy Sack. is packed with only the same kind of soft foam that is used in high-end furniture. Plus, we offer more sack to love. Our 6-foot product is 6 feet wide and 6 ft long, while the MackSack is 6 feet long, 4.5 feet wide. Our customers appreciate our wide selection of Comfy Sacks. Not only do we have 10 other sizes and styles, we also have a wide range of color and fabric combinations. To be exact, there are more than 25 looks to choose from when customizing your Comfy Sack’s cover. Monster Sak’s products are only available in twelve colors.

Comfy Sacks is honored to have the business of several big-name clients, such as Apple, Amazon, Groupon, Zappos, and Zazzle .. These brands have our products in their corporate offices, which just proves even more how exceptional our Comfy Sacks are. Whenever a Comfy Sack is purchased on the site, it typically leaves our warehouse within 5 business days. For those of our customers who can’t wait, however, we offer a QuickShip option that guarantees your product to be shipped in 48 hours. Ready to start shopping? Browse our selection of Comfy Sacks here.

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*This Comparison was taken on October 24th, 2014. Monster Sak measurements, warranty and prices were taken directly from Monstersak.com Comfy Sacks is in no way affiliated with Monster Saks. Any comparison data that showed a "???" in the chart, indicates we could not find that data out from their website. We only publish data that we are able to take a screenshot and archive.
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