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How Does the Lovesac Super Sac & 6 ft Comfy Sack Compare?

Check out the chart below that compares our 6 ft Roo Sack to the Love Sac SuperSac. The 6 ft Sack is our most popular Sack we sell and for good reason! It is the softest, most comfortable product you can buy...PERIOD!!!! Our price is affordable which has allowed us to get our products into the hands of people that normally wouldn't be able to afford the product. Our level of comfort blows away the LoveSac at about half the price, the decision is pretty simple.

FeaturesComfy SackLovesac
Model 6 ft Roo Sack 6 ft Super Sac
Filling Shredded Comfy Foam Shredded Dura Foam
Warranty 3 Year NO HASSLE Warranty on BOTH Cover AND Liner Sac covers come with 90 day limited warranty. 2 lifetime warranty on sac insert.
Micro Suede Colors Black, Chocolate, Navy Cinnabar, Charcoal, Olive, Sage and Camel Moss, Mushroom,Espresso, Earspan
Standard Fabrics/Colors offered 35 9
Made 100% USA China
Dimensions 72" x 72" x 36" 72" x 72" x 48"
Free Fabric Samples? YES! Request samples No
Price (6 ft. Micro Suede Sack cover & shipping) $319.64 $619.00
Shipping $1 $30 - $50

Something that many of our customers also find very interesting is that Apple Computer Corporation chose the Comfy Sack to completely outfit their Corporate headquarter's creative rooms and 'think tanks'. Apple Computer chose our product over both LoveSac and Foof Chair and every other foam bag product on the market. They didn't choose us because we were the cheapest, they simply chose us because we are the best.

We were honored to have Apple Computers choose our product photo of woman laying on a black bean bag chair made from Comfysacks.over the competition. Apple is a company that is known for making products of the utmost QUALITY and we believe that says something about our company and the quality of products we produce. After sending several product samples for Apple to test out , they chose 5 ft Sacks in the Pebble collection...a very large number of 5 ft Sacks! The color they chose was very fitting...Apple Pebble! To see the Comfy Sacks in action in the corporate setting Click HERE!

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Benefits of Comfy Sack Over Love sacs

- We use superior furniture grade foam manufactured in the USA.

- We offer over 35 standard fabric colors.

- Our prices are about half the price of Lovesac while providing a superior product both in comfort and construction.

- Our staff is both helpful and love talking to our customers... That is something you will not find at Lovesac.

Comfy Sacks in Glamour Magazine

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If you still want more proof, be sure to check out our comparison between Comfy Sack & Foof Chairs/Poof Chairs.

*Both prices include shipping to Indianapolis Indiana, standard warranties, and liners as of November 17, 2009

**LoveSac measurements, warranty and prices were taken from

*LoveSac is owned and operated by LoveSac Corporation. Comfy Sacks LLC is in no way affiliated with LoveSac.

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